Delivering Electricity in a new way to Ropeway Systems Gibson’s Cable changes everything!

Power at the top

Traditionally to get power to the top of a mountain, cabling needs to be buried, a very expensive proposition. Our electrified cabling technology is installed parallel and slightly above the haul rope, and once installed, you may access electricity at the summit/ top of your mountain.

Heaters on Towers for De-icing

Eliminates the need to send crews to break the ice on Shiv-wheels. Electric heaters placed parallel to the shiv-wheels provide continuous remote-controlled heat regardless of weather conditions.

Safety in Your System

Imagine the ability to view and address real-time safety issues during passenger onboarding and the with audio and video powered by continuous electricity in chairlifts. 
Systems may be configured to feature audio,  prompts to close the arms.

Comfort in Your Cabins

Imagine the same comforts in gondolas and  trams that we have come to expect in  all other forms of transportation. Climate controls, data plugs, audio, and video transmission,  electrical outlets, digital signage and much more.

The Airbornway Advantage

A Safer Journey Starts Here


Enhanced Safety & Prioritization: Our technology empowers lift operators to identify and prioritize riders needing assistance, ensuring a secure journey from start to finish.

Improved Communication: Preventing onboarding issues and enabling direct communication with riders when needed so they are always informed and safe.


Connect With Your Consumer: Use the communication systems to provide relevant information and promotions, improving guest experiences and driving revenue.

Heated Seats: Riders enjoy a cozy journey with adjustable heated seats, putting comfortat the forefront of their cableway experience.


Construction Advantages: An add-on to existing systems, resulting in shorter construction durations, minimal disruptions, and cost savings.

Technology Integration: Our technology supports additional plugs and charging ports, enhancing convenience for riders and operators.


Cost Efficiency: A cost-effective solution with long-term benefits, including improved safety and enhanced customer experience, providing a favorable return on investment.

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