How it works

The Gibson Cable

The label Conductive cable is “The Gibson Cable".

The Gibson cable integrates and provides power to your existing transportation system.

The power is accessed through a rolling transconnector which acts as a mobile power plug, continuously picking up electrical power from the Gibson cable as it moves along.  By attaching an electrical cord to the transconnector, power can be easily transferred down the tether to the vehicles.  This provides electricity to trams, gondolas, or chairlifts.  

The flexibility of accessing electricity at various points along the route, such as towers or the top of a mountain, further enhances the system's functionality.  Adding features like de-icing the cable (heating element embedded in the insulation) and the shiv wheels with heaters installed alongside them, ensuring continued operation even in adverse weather conditions.  The Gibson Cable runs all the way to the top of your mountain, which allows you to tap into it, for electricity.

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